During the day in a human body with surprising constancy not less than 300 major biochemical reactions come true. About these reactions say that they have the so-called circadian rhythm which is approximately coinciding with a daily natural rhythm. Some researchers assure that activity of these reactions changes in beat the mysterious Tamoxifin biological inflow and otliv called by biorhythms too. 
Reliability of such statement still raises big doubts and therefore the bioritmologiya is not recognized as official scientific discipline yet and is on the periphery of attention of the scientific world. And here the biochemical rhythms of an organism connected with fluctuations of secretion of hormones, composition of blood and so forth are studied quite deeply and do not meet objections. Moreover, researches of hronobiolog advanced medicine in understanding of the mechanism of different diseases.

For example, it was known that the most part of heart attacks happens in the morning, but here the reason of it long time remained unknown.
Hronobiolog found out that in the morning the svorachivayemost of blood reaches peak, and it means that blood as if gets thick. If it is overflowed with cholesterol or the patient has a tendency to adhesion of erythrocytes in lumps - clots, probable is a formation of blood clot which as if the stopper stops up a cardiac artery. At the same time it became clear that sensitivity of a human body to aspirin - the preparation diluting blood is maximum in the morning. It became clear that in the morning cores have to take surely aspirin as a prophylactic. It is obvious that reception of vitamins and minerals, proteins and carbohydrates answers certain hronobiologichesky rules too.
It is clear, as return from food Tamoxifin additives is more when their reception coincides with peaks of chemism of a human body. One of short biochemical rhythms in a 24-hour circadian rhythm can be an example. Its duration is small - only 90 minutes, however owing to this rhythm of people feels so-called oral requirement - in other words, something to put requirement to itself in a mouth. 
One undertake to have a bite everyone an hour and a half, others undertake a cigarette, and the third begin to bite nails. As theorists established, the body builder should not gorge on everyone an hour and a half, but here amino acids in capsules should be accepted. Such organized reception of amino acids leads to their increased assimilation by an organism. Instead of expensive amino-acid preparations it is possible to accept a natural protein - chicken or natural carbohydrates - dried fruits or fresh fruit. All this extremely positively affects the level of a metabolism and lifts the general power of the athlete.

Hronobiologiya of a protein

Reception of a protein before training does not make sense. Physical activity completely blocks processes of growth of muscle cells with use of the amino acids received from food proteins. The organism passes into the mode of production of energy from glucose of blood and the glycogen which is saved up in muscles and a liver. 
Approximately in 4 hours of training this power source is completely settled. Here then the liver begins to synthesize glucose from a protein. However this protein is taken not from a gastrointestinal tract, and directly from muscles in the form of amino acids with branched lateral chains. After the end of training within 90 minutes in the working muscles amino acids are pulled together to begin the participation in healing of microinjuries of muscle fibers and in synthesis of new intracellular protein. Here reception of digestible protein will be just by the way. From here and the recommendation to accept free amino acids right after training when muscles feel the biggest need for them.
Assimilation of a protein submits to a distinct rhythm. 
The peak of assimilation falls Tamoxifin on morning hours, and here if to eat the same quantity of a protein after 8 o'clock in the evening, then the level of amino acids in blood will practically not increase. It is remarkable that it is not possible to influence this rhythm either protein superdoses, or attempts to create new habits in food, for example, due to regular reception of a protein in the evenings. The next splash in amount of amino acids in blood happens at night, in a dream, during the period of midnight to 8 o'clock in the morning.